Ways of Seeing: Cornelia Parker and Rachel Whiteread

Thursday 6 June 2019 - Sunday 29 September 2019
All day

These artworks are part of Ways of Seeing, a partnership between Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019 and the Government Art Collection. Ways of Seeing turns the borough into a gallery with 33 internationally renowned artists displayed in 28 unexpected locations.

Cornelia Parker – Rorschach (Endless Column III) (2006)

Photo: Thierry Bal

This artwork is made from pieces of silverware, flattened by a 250-tonne industrial press. The title, Rorschach (Endless Column III), refers to a famous psychological test called the Rorschach test, invented by a Swiss psychiatrist in the 19th century. It involves folding an inked piece of paper in half to create abstract symmetrical images. Patients are then asked to find meaning in these images, revealing their subconscious minds. Parker has created her own 3D Rorschach pattern. What will you see when you look at this sculpture?

Rachel Whiteread – Untitled (Plinth) (1999)

Photo: Thierry Bal

The Fourth Plinth project invites leading artists to make sculptures for the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. The project was started in 1998 by The Royal Academy of Arts and is now run by the Mayor of London’s Culture Team. Rachel Whiteread was the first woman to be asked to contribute. She created Inverted Plinth. Untitled (Plinth) as a one-tenth scale model of that work.