About us

Vestry House Museum is the local history museum for Waltham Forest. It houses themed displays that capture the unique heritage of the local area including the famous Bremer Car, a Victorian parlour and displays on local manufacturers including Ensign, Britains and Wells-Brimtoy.

Situated in Walthamstow Village, the building was constructed in 1730 to house the parish workhouse. It was later used as a police station, an armoury, a building merchant’s store and a private home. In 1931 the building opened to the public as a local history museum. The Museum holds an extensive collection of photographs, artworks and objects that tell the story of Waltham Forest.

The museum galleries and the award-winning volunteer-run garden are now temporarily closed in preparation for our revitalisation project. The museum is scheduled to reopen in early 2026.

Vestry House Museum is owned and operated by the London Borough of Waltham Forest.