Vestry House Museum holds over 100,000 objects relating to the history of the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The collection provides a fascinating insight into how people lived, and how the borough has changed over time. Local companies and manufacturers are particularly well represented including the British Xylonite Company, London Rubber Company, and toy manufacturers Britains and Wells-Brimtoy.

Photographic collection
Our photo collection holds over 80,000 images from the 1860s onwards depicting local streets and businesses.
Oil Painting collection

The oil painting collection includes nineteenth and twentieth century paintings by local artists.
Watercolour collection

Our collection includes early twentieth century watercolour paintings of local buildings and landscapes
Walthamstow Tea Service
This enigmatic set of cups, saucers and bowls was made in the 1820s and features local houses and estates.
Print collection

Nineteenth century prints and engravings including those showing local scenes and landmarks.
Toys and games

The museum has an extensive collection of metal toys manufactured in Waltham Forest.
British Xylonite Collection

Our collection of early plastic products from British Xylonite includes mirrors, cutlery, combs and more.
Packaging and Advertising

Boxes, bags, receipts and signage from local nineteenth and twentieth century shops and businesses.
Ensign Cameras

The museum has a collection of cameras and accessories from local camera manufacturer Ensign.